CAN PACKAGING is using patents and the know-how of its President Georges SIREIX and General Manager Guillaume SIREIX.



GREENCAN recyclable packaging contains 92 to 98 % cardboard and paper depending on the version… and with special high-barrier compositions containing more than 95 % cardboard.


Food products are protected by a film made of SiOx PET or metallised PET combined with a food safe PE film that comes into contact with the product.


The base of this film is used for the body of the can, the membrane and the bottom, with a percentage of 2 to 8 % of the total weight of the can depending on the version, less than 5 % for the German market.



The (patented) hinged freshness lid is reclosable. It is lined with thin barrier film and paper in order to guarantee product protection continuity after the membrane has been removed on the first opening.


In addition to the hinge, the lid is secured with two attachment points broken on opening.


The consumer is provided with clear information as to how to open the lid on the front and back of the membrane.

Almost the entire surface of the lid is made available to the designer for the brand logo or other printing.



The high barrier cardboard end is shaped, positioned and sealed after filling... from reels by our CMAF machines (speeds of 20, 60 and 120 cans per minute are available).


For oxygen-sensitive products, our CMAF machines can be fitted with a gas flush system and degassing valves for coffee for example.


GREENCAN® cans may be made round, square, rectangular, oval, oblong or triangular or any other purpose-designed shape!


How to close your GREENCAN® cans after filling?


CAN PACKAGING offers its customers machines to close the cans with or without inert atmosphere.



3 types of machine are available, all equipped with integrated presses to shape and seal direct cardboard bottom or direct bottom with reinforcement curling from reels:

- CMAF 25R: capacity 1200 to 1500 cans/hour

- CMAF 60R: capacity 3200 to 3800 cans/hour

- CMAF 120T: capacity 7000 to 8000 cans/hour