CAN PACKAGING designs and manufactures efficient and custom-made closing machines for its customers:

- GREENCAN MAKER machines which are integrated into the customer’s production lines (with patented innovations).

- Closing machines of the GREENCAN® CMAF (Closing Machine After Filling ) type. 20 to 140 cans/minute, direct bottom, curly bottom, gas flushing.


CAN PACKAGING designs and manufactures its own production lines in its factories (with patented innovations)



Our CMAF (Closing Machine After Filling) type machines can be integrated easily into your filling line under our technical supervision. They close the cans with a cardboard base that is generally supplied in reels.


CMAF machines have proven their reliability in packaging production for over 20 years. We make the packaging and all the dedicated machinery.

There is little we do not know about reliability and maximum up time!


The structure and design of our machines can adapt specifically to the constraints of food packaging plants.

Our machines are safe and easy to use and maintain.


Our CMAF machines can be adapted to your sizes and shapes using parametric software.


Our different models of CMAF machines offer closing capacities of 1000 to 8500 cans/hour, on a 24/7 basis.


We can also offer a complete engineering solution for packaging lines, including depalletising, conveying, metal detection, weight sorting etc.