GREENCAN® is an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective and recyclable packaging concept (recycled with cardboard), intended for the consumer food industry.


CAN PACKAGING has control over the complete process, from the production of GREENCAN® cans to the development of machines to seal the cans after they are filled, thus giving customers the guarantee of comprehensive, rapid and reliable service.


Our complete mastery over the manufacturing process, from the creation of machinery up to the delivery of GREENCAN® cans, ensures that the customer can depend on quick and reliable service.


Their motto is "Give your product the best packaging for the best price"



Research, development and construction of machinery site in Alsace


In January 2019, CAN PACKAGING will open a new production facility in Habsheim, France.

The site will be entirely dedicated to the development of GREENCAN® cans, and will include a design department and engineering, prototyping, assembly and adjustment workshops for making production lines and closing machines for customers.


We are also creating a CAN PACKAGING academy dedicated to our processes, cans, materials, quality control etc. to train the production and maintenance personnel of our plants and those of our customers.

CAN PACKAGING is using patents and the know-how of its President Georges SIREIX and General Manager Guillaume SIREIX.




- environmental-friendly, efficient and innovative packaging

- reliable and efficient machines

- high-quality production on a 24/7 basis.