Ever since it was founded, CAN PACKAGING has been committed to an environmentally friendly approach aimed at developing non-polluting and recyclable packaging.

For over 40 years, we have been developing expertise in “full cardboard” cans: process, machines, material, applications etc.


CAN PACKAGING was founded by Georges Sireix in France in 1989 .
Georges Sireix is an engineer with a degree from CNAM. For 45 years, he has been designing machines for manufacturing cardboard cans to measure, for each type of food packaging.


His son Guillaume joined him in 2001 and they began working together to design machinery and manufacturing methods. That collaboration has boosted the development of the company and the efficiency of its machinery.


Their motto is "Give your product the best packaging for the best price"





- environmental -friendly, efficient and innovative packaging

- reliable and efficient machines

- high-quality production on a 24/7 basis



Today, our workforce includes over 60 employees in two facilities, with 24/7 production in the Ancenis plant.